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Knife Sharpening and Repairs

YOUR local knife maker

Denton Knife Works offers the very best in sharpening. With our knowledge and experience in proper sharpening techniques and our top of the line equipment, we will sharpen your edge to the exact degree.



Knife Sharpening $1/inch ($5 min. per knife)

Axes $20

Pocket Knives $10-20

Tanto tip +$5

Food Processor Blades $10-20

Cleavers $10-20

Chisel $10-20


Chips $5 and up

Tips $5 and up

Knife sharpening for business on a two-week plan rates are available.

We also offer sharpening for most garden and woodworking tools. Don’t see a price for your edge? Contact us.

We also make custom knifes and handle knifes price depending on the work needed.

Sharpening never takes longer than 24 hours.  Same-day sharpening depends on the amount business we have for the day.  If you need a rush job, please call first. On Saturdays, we offer a limited amount of same day knife sharpening at no extra charge.


Phone: 972-835-1375

Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening

KNIFE SHARPENING AND REPAIRSYOUR LOCAL KNIFE MAKERDenton Knife Works offers the very best in sharpen..

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